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Battle Reading List

2014-2015 List

Applegate, Katherine. The One and Only Ivan (Year 1)
Balliett, Blue. Hold Fast (Year 1)
Barton, Chris. The Day-Glo Brothers (Year 2)
Behrens, Andy. The Fast and the Furriest (Year 2)
Bosch, Pseudonymous. The Name of This Book is Secret (Year 3)
Broach, Elise. Masterpiece (Year 3)
Bucyea, Rob. Because of Mr. Terupt (Year 1)
Choldenko, Gennifer. No Passengers Beyond This Point (Year 3)
Connor, Leslie. Crunch (Year 3)
DiCamillo, Kate. Flora & Ulysses (Year 1)
Dorris, Michael. Sees Behind Trees (Year 3)
Fitzmaurice, Kathryn. The Year the Swallows Came Early (Year 2)
Fleischman, Sid. The Whipping Boy (Year 3)
Frazier, Sundee Tucker. Brendan Buckley's Universe and Everything in It (Year 1)
Freedman, Russell. Becoming Ben Franklin (Year 1)
Frost, Helen. Diamond Willow (Year 3)
Gephart, Donna. How to Survive Middle School (Year 1)
Gidwitz, Adam. A Tale Dark and Grimm (Year 2)
Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Among the Hidden (Year 1)
Hahn, Mary Downing. The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall (Year 1)
Hale, Nathan. One Dead Spy (Year 2)
Halls, Kelly Milner. Saving the Baghdad Zoo (Year 3)
Henkes, Kevin. Junonia. (Year 1)
Heppermann, Christine. City Chickens. (Year 1)
Holm, Jennifer. Turtle in Paradise (Year 3)
Hunter, Erin. The Empty City  (Year 1)
Kelley, Jane. The Girl Behind the Glass (Year 3)
Kent, Rose. Kimchi & Calamari (Year 1)
Kibuishi, Kazu. The Stonekeeper (Year 1)
Klise, Kate. Dying to Meet You (Year 2)
Korman, Gordon. Schooled (Year 3)
Krull, Kathleen. Lives of the Musicians (Year 3)
Lai, Thanhha. Inside Out and Back Again (Year 3)
L'Engle, Madeleine. A Wrinkle in Time (Year 3)
Margolin, Phillip. Vanishing Acts (Year 2)
Markle, Sandra. The Case of the Vanishing Honeybees (Year 1)
Mass, Wendy. 11 Birthdays (Year 3)
McAlpine, Gordon. The Tell-Tale Start (Year 1)
Meyer, Susan. Black Radishes (Year 3)
Nelson, Vaunda Micheaux. Bad News for Outlaws (Year 2)
Nelson, Peter. Herbert's Wormhole (Year 3)
Neri, G. Ghetto Cowboy (Year 1)
O'Connor, Barbara. The Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis (Year 3)
Palacio, R.J. Wonder (Year 2)
Park, Linda Sue.  A Long Walk to Water (Year 2)
Parry, Rosanne. Heart of a Shepherd (Year 3)
Prineas, Sarah. The Magic Thief (Year 2)
Rhodes, Jewell Parker. Sugar (Year 1)
Rose, Caroline Starr. May B. (Year 2)
Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de. The Little Prince (Year 2)
Schanzer, Rosalyn. Witches! (Year 2)
Selden, George. The Cricket in Times Square (Year 2)
Selznick, Brian. Wonderstruck (Year 3)
Shang, Wendy Wan Long. The Great Wall of Lucy Wu (Year 2)
Sidman, Joyce. This Is Just to Say (Year 2)
Silverstein, Shel. Where the Sidewalk Ends (Year 2)
Spratt, R.A. The Adventures of Nanny Piggins (Year 2)
Travers, P.L. Mary Poppins (Year 1)
Weeks, Sarah. Pie (Year 2)
Wood, Maryrose. The Mysterious Howling (Year 1)


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