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Biography in Contextbiographyt

Contains nearly a million biographical entries spanning almost every course of study. This resource also includes the full text of Contemporary Authors and Authors and Artists for Young Adults.

Brainfuse HelpNow

Live online tutors available from 2-11pm daily for students in grades Kindergarten and up. Additionally, practice exercises, quizzes, flashcard creator, and more available 24 hours a day.

Brainfuse JobNow

JobNow provides live assistance for job seekers with expert resume assistance, live interview preparation and career coaching.  This service is available every day between 3pm-10pm, except holidays. The 24/7 Center is always available.

Brainfuse LearnNow

Test preparation including ACT, SAT, GRE, GED, ASVAB, NCLEX, TOEFL, Civil Service, and many more.  Also includes tutorials to help improve computer skills.