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Early Learning

Even though babies don't use words for several months, they are learning about language from the time they are born. Parents are their children's first and best teachers, and the Library is here to help you!

The best way to teach your child language is not through flashcards or commercial programs. It is by spending time with them:


Take time to talk with your child, listen to what they say, and extend what they say. For instance, if your child hands you a ball and says, "Ball," you can hand the ball back and say, "Here is the ball," or "Here is the red ball."


Your child does not care if you are a good singer! They love to hear your voice, and songs help children learn about the sounds and rhythms of language.


Your child loves to get your attention, and spending some cozy time reading will help them learn the names of things and how a book works.


Many activities that use fingers help develop writing skills. Drawing is one, and so is using scissors, threading big beads on a string--anything that uses fingers.


Playing with your child helps them learn the words for what you are doing together.

Our activity calendar will give you suggestions for doing each of these five learning techniques with your child. We also buy books for you to read (even to babies!) and CDs for you to listen to and learn.  Our storytimes are fun, but they are also great opportunities for practicing these five skills.