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Adult Program - Technology

Pi Club

Join us in using a Pi, the Raspberry Pi computer. Test drive a computer that may cost as little as $35 and is about the size of a credit card. Try out games, programming languages, see how it streams video or just surf the web. If you have a Raspberry Pi join us and share how you are using it. For ages 13 and up.
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Android Basics

Get more comfortable with your Android tablet or phone as Mike Gershbein (of Very Smart People) demonstrates how to navigate, find apps and customize your device.
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Make your TV Smart

Stream programs, play movies and music with a Raspberry Pi connected to your TV. See how to set it up, then take home a Raspberry Pi to try it yourself and join us in June to share how it worked for you. Home Internet service and HDMI TV input are needed for this project.
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