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Large Meeting Room A&B

Second Sunday Family Program: Brad Weston, Juggling Magic Man

The Brad Weston Experience is a fast paced theatrical thrill ride through juggling, escape artistry, balancing, lasso spinning and visual effects. World class comedian Brad Weston will not only walk barefoot on the edge of a single sword, but juggle machetes at the same time (as seen on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Ripley’s Believe it or Not!) Whether it’s juggling knives, balancing bowling balls, stacks of glasses, or performing his escape artist routine on a unicycle, his sophisticated physical comedy and quirky style will make a memorable experience for everyone in the audience.

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Second Sunday Family Program: Incredible Bats

We have real live Bats in the Library! The whole family can come meet, and learn about these long misunderstood creatures of the night during this hands-on presentation. You will see what bats eat, where they live and learn other interesting facts, as well as, myth busting information about how bats really behave in the wild. Pick up free tickets in KidSpace 30 minutes ahead of time. Seating is limited.

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