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About Us

Our Mission

The Mission of the Niles-Maine District Library (NMDL) is to engage, inform, enrich, and educate its community.

Our Core Values

  • We provide “over-the-top” customer service
  • We respect all individuals
  • We believe in intellectual freedom
  • We believe in the importance of access to information for all.
  • We operate with absolute integrity
  • We respect privacy and confidentiality
  • We provide a high-quality, current and relevant collection
  • We believe dedicated, friendly and professional staff members are integral to the library experience
  • We encourage innovation
  • We support and expect personal and organizational growth
  • We believe in the value of partnerships
  • We commit to strengthening the partnerships with schools, community and businesses

Quick Facts

Number of books: 212,438

Number of audiovisual items: 59,109

Number of check-outs in 2014-15: 1,015,248

Number of people who attended programs in 2014-15: 74,709

Number of cardholders: 25,497

Number of reference questions answered: 73,258

Number of Library visitors in 2014-15: 395,465