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Lobbying Activities

Members of the Library staff may meet with elected officials to advocate for the importance of libraries in the community. The Library does not hire outside lobbyists, and so has no direct lobbying contracts.

Lobbying Organizations

The Library is a member of the Illinois Library Association and the American Library Association. These organizations offer professional development opportunities for staff and advocate on behalf of libraries and library patrons.

Illinois Library Association (ILA)

The Illinois Library Association (ILA) is the voice of the Illinois library community. ILA studies, recommends, and supports legislation necessary for the development and support of libraries and library service throughout Illinois. With the advice of our experienced legislative consultants in Springfield, ILA issues legislative updates and conducts campaigns on issues of federal and state interest. Membership fee: $375

American Library Association (ALA)

ALA works on behalf of all libraries in the areas of library funding, intellectual freedom, professional standards, and 21st-century literacy, helping create a future in which communities look to libraries and to librarians as vital, trusted resources. This includes making libraries eligible for funding to provide high-speed, affordable broadband service, and eligibility for other federal programs. Standing together in membership lets libraries, librarians, and other staff members access solutions and resources to address problems otherwise faced alone. Membership fee: $500