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New Name. Same Great Library.

A Message from Library Director, Susan Dove Lempke:

Fun fact: Only half of the residents of the Niles Public Library District live in the Village of Niles—the other half live in Unincorporated Maine Township. It is almost exactly 50/50. The problem is, hardly anyone knows that.

Renters in unincorporated Des Plaines and unincorporated Glenview often have no idea that their home library is not the one that matches the town on their address but our District library. Very often, they are given incorrect information from other agencies, who also don’t realize that those taxpayers belong to the Niles Public Library District.

So, the Board of Trustees voted to change the Library name to one that better reflects the community we serve. As of July 1, we will be known as the Niles-Maine District Library. Just to be clear, we also serve a little triangle of Northfield Township, but that would have been too long of a name!

Once you have your Library card , whether it says Niles Public Library District or Niles-Maine District Library, you can use it at all of the surrounding libraries. Public libraries are all about sharing resources—it’s why they began. You also will be able to use our many online resources to check out e-books, stream music, read a magazine, work with an online tutor, or take a course.

If you would like to check if your address is in the Niles-Maine District Library service area, give us a call at 847-663-6671. We want our taxpayers to have the full benefits of living in our District!

Blue = Niles Township

Orange = Maine Township

Green = Unincorporated Northfield Township