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Hidden Gems of the Library (and How to Utilize Them)

Museum Adventure Pass

It’s no secret that I’m fairly new to the Niles-Maine District Library staff. I’m lucky that I’ve just started working with my amazing team about three months ago. I’ll admit, I had an old-fashioned idea of what a library could be (long stacks of books, librarians shushing me all the time), and let me tell you, this library far surpasses what I could have ever imagined (and I’m totally not saying this because I work here). As someone who only utilized my university’s library when I absolutely HAD to, I was really impressed with all the amazing programs, activities, and resources this library has to offer.

Within my first week as a staff member, I was trying to learn all of our departments and what each of them offered. Because I’m a digital marketer by nature, I was immediately drawn to the digital and technical services departments. How cool is that I can run downstairs from my office and 3D print a gift for my boyfriend or design a poster with Adobe InDesign or Illustrator and then have it printed right here in the Library?

Not only are there so many digital wonders of the Library, there are hidden gems I would have never thought the Library would offer. With that said, I’m going to be sharing these gems once a month as I find them. Take an adventure with me while I discover all the Niles-Maine District Library has to offer!

My First Discovery

With any new job, you learn A LOT in those first few weeks. I was in a meeting when someone mentioned using the Library’s Museum Adventure Pass program. My ears immediately perked up as 1) I LOVE museums and 2) What in the what was a Museum Adventure Pass and how could I get my hands on one?!

The Museum Adventure Pass, as I learned, is a program that provides free or discounted admission to museums and destinations in the Chicago area. Only Niles-Maine cardholders can use the passes and they are available on a first come, first serve basis. To see which passes are available, you’ll want to visit KidSpace and speak to a librarian.

Visit to see the complete list, and for hours and directions.

Stay tuned for a new hidden gem next month as I navigate my way through the exciting workings of the Niles-Maine District Library.

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