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3D Printing

To request a 3D print, fill out the form below and upload your file. 3D print submissions are completed on the Prusa MK3S. The build volume is 9.84 x 8.3 x 8.3 inches. 

3D prints cost $.10 per gram. 3D prints will be limited to 12 hours per job. To see how long your print will take, download the free Prusa Slicer software to check the printing time. If requested, we can estimate the cost of the print in advance. 

Scaling, infill, and supports are the only settings our staff can change. If there are any other changes, you must edit your file and re-submit. If supports are used, you are responsible for removing the supports from your completed 3D print.  

Our 3D printing service is designed as a hobby-level experience. Printing designs are affected by a number of variables and are not guaranteed to come out as intended. The library does not refund printing fees for completed items that do not come out as intended.  

Printing requests can take up to a week to complete. Library staff will contact you as soon as your print is finished. If a 3D print is not picked up after 30 days, it becomes the Library’s property and may be discarded, however, the fee will stay on your account. 


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