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Homemade Play: Rainbow Foamy Soap

Colorful soaps

Incorporating the natural world around us in educational activities is an important way to enhance learning and early literacy.

Foam painting
Painting with foam colors layered

Read the recipe card on this screen. Mixing color gels and water will build an experience that you can share together. First, we gather what we need. Then we get to be scientists and do an experiment. Finally, we clean up, so we can do it again a different day.

Create a Rainbow Foamy Soap activity with the family!

Before you begin, plan to include the kids in the entire process. This means finding the materials, organizing items on a mat or table, hands-on mixing action – and clean up too!

  1. Plan an open time interval for Rainbow Foamy Soap
  2. Read the recipe card on this screen.
  3. Add water and food color 6-8 drops into a glass bowl.
  4. Hand or electric mix until the colors form stiff foam peaks.
  5. Experiment with different amounts of food coloring.
Yellow, red, blue color palettes
Yellow, red, blue color palettes

Sing this song while the kids are mixing!
WASH YOUR HANDS! (Song to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat)
Wash, wash, wash your handsFoamy recipe
Wash them ’til they’re clean.
Wash the backs, And wash the fronts.
And the places in between.
Don’t forget the fingertips,
And between your finger and thumb.
The more that we all wash our hands,
The better for everyone.
Wash, wash, wash your hands
Many times a day.
Wash them after bathroom-ing,
After work or after play.
Wash for 20 seconds….
Or longer if you please.
Wash them before you cook or eat.
And when you cough or sneeze!
Source: Song from Niles-Maine Library Tumble Books Playlist

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