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  • October 12

    Parents, Take Heart: The Library Is Here for You

    There’s a lot of talk these days about living life with “balance” and “mindfulness.” Great ideas, but easier said than done. Many of us can feel how “out of balance” we are: too much work, worry, or kid concerns. Sure, we could eat better and exercise more: someday we’ll figure out how. As for mindfulness, it’s hard to be “in the moment” with so many thoughts...

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Parent & Teacher Series

Programs are intended for parents and educators who would like more training on the presented topics. For adults only; child care will not be provided.

Toddler & Preschooler Sleep Workshop

Unleash Your Inner Diva: Sing with Your Children!*

Potty Training Workshop

Early Childhood Sensory Workshop*

Behaviors that Challenge*

Gateways Registry Members: Topics marked with an asterisk* indicates eligibility for professional development credit hours that you can count towards your Gateways Professional Development Record (PDR).

Mega Mondays

Mega Mondays

Enjoy afternoon activities at the Library every Monday in the month.

1st Monday: Maker Monday

2nd Monday: Mondays on the Move

3rd Monday: Yoga for Kids: Stretch, Bend, Breathe

4th Monday: Lego Club

5th Monday: Musical Monday