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Library Board of Trustees Appoint New Executive Director

Library Board announcement

After an Executive Session at the Niles-Maine District Library Regular Board Meeting on Wednesday, July 21, 2021, the Board of Trustees appointed Assistant Library Director Cyndi Rademacher to the Executive Director position effective immediately.

“The Board made the right choice appointing Ms. Rademacher to the Executive Director position,” said Board President Carolyn Drblik. “She has the knowledge, experience, and positive attitude to keep moving the Library into the future.”

Executive Director Cyndi Rademacher has a Masters of Library and Information Science from Dominican University. Ms. Rademacher has worked at the Library for nearly 22 years. For the last six years Ms. Rademacher has been the Assistant Library Director. As Assistant Library Director, she chaired the Safety and OSHA compliance committee and led the internal migration to the latest public catalog as well as trained staff members on the new process.

“I thank the Board for their confidence in me,” said Executive Director Cyndi Rademacher. “I am excited to have the opportunity to work with them and the staff to provide the excellent services and programs that the community has come to expect of their library.”

Ms. Rademacher is a 22-year resident of the Village of Niles. Her community involvement includes being a member of VIPS (Volunteer in Police Service), volunteering for the Oakton Community College ESL program, being on the Village of Niles Environmental Practice Committee, volunteering at the recent COVID-19 vaccination event for Niles seniors, and working with the Niles Garden Club volunteers.

“I am really impressed with your [Cyndi] personal skills, how you complete each task completely, and you are so loving to this library,” said Board Secretary Suzanne Schoenfeldt during the meeting.

Niles-Maine District Library serves 59,000 residents in the Village of Niles, Unincorporated Des Plaines, and Unincorporated Glenview. The Library is located at 6960 W. Oakton St, the northeast corner of the Oakton and Waukegan intersection.

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