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Poetry Contest

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Click on the poem's title to view a recording of the author reading their work.



1st Place "Where I'm From" by Brianna Irizarry, Maine South High School (text)

2nd Place "Poem 3" by Caitlin Wallace, Maine South High School (text)

3rd Place "Dear Cancer" (text) by Zeenat Muhammad, Niles West High School



"Growing Up" by Grace Murphy, Niles North High School (text)

"Loose Pantoum Poem" (text) by Chizolum Nwankwo, Niles North High School

"Purity Lie" by Claire Shaffer, Maine South High School (text)

"Green" by Natalia Gladysz, Niles West High School (text)

"MOVE OUT OF MY WAY" by Josmi Mathew, Niles West High School (text)


Congratulations to all our winners and honors, and thank you to everyone who participated in our 2020 Teen Poetry Contest!