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Reading Patch Club

Are you a fantasy fan? Do you love to read mysteries? Do you like to choose lots of different books to read? Whatever you like to read, we have a patch for you! Kids ages K-grade 8 are eligible to join the Reading Patch Club that runs during the school year, from Labor Day (September) to Memorial Day (May).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Come to the Library and pick which patch you’re going to work on.
  2. Pick up your folder and the pages that match your patch—there will be a page for you to write the names of your books on, and some activity sheets.
  3. Start reading! It’s going to take awhile, because it takes 20 books to earn a patch. (Books that are over 100 pages count for two.)
  4. Come back to the Library and pick up your patch and your certificate, and get your name up on our giant sign.
  5. Pick a new patch and start over again.

What will you do with your patch? Will you collect patches in the plastic sheet we give you? Will you glue it to a hat or your backpack or a jacket? Will you use it to decorate a notebook? It’s up to you!


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