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FOIA & Transparency Portal

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

It is the policy of the Niles-Maine District Library to permit access to public records in accordance with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS 140.

Much information about the Library District can be found below, including our policies, our annual budget, our annual audit report, names of our Board Members and information about their meetings with agendas, minutes, and monthly financial reports, our levy, names of our department heads and administrators, and contact information.

You may request information about the Library District by making a request in writing by mail, fax, or email during regular business hours of the Administration Office (9-5, Mondays-Fridays). Download the FOIA Request Form here.

Please specify:

  • the records to be retrieved
  • whether they are to be inspected in person, copied, or delivered electronically (if they are in electronic form)
  • whether they are for a commercial purpose
  • whether requesting a fee waiver
  • whether any of the records must be certified

The fees for copies of records are as follows:

  • The first 50 pages of black and white, letter or legal size copies: Free
  • 15¢ per page for each page in excess of 50 pages copied by a Library District employee in house.
  • The actual cost per page for each color copy or size other than letter or legal.
  • The actual cost per page for each page copied by a third party when the Library District is unable to copy the records in house.
  • $1.00 per certificate if the copies are to be certified.
  • Reproduction on disc, diskette, tape or other media: actual cost of recording media.

Requests should be addressed to:
Freedom of Information Officer
Niles-Maine District Library
6960 Oakton Street
Niles, Illinois 60714

Requests may be emailed to the FOIA officers and will be processed within five business days.



The Niles-Maine District Library and its Board of Trustees is committed to open and transparent governance. In this section you will find information about how the Library is funded and how the money is spent, along with statistics about the Library's holdings, programs, and staff, and a calendar of Board meetings.

  1. Elected & Administrative Officials: Contact Information
    Board of Trustees
    Trustee Illinois Open Meetings Act Certificates
    Library Administration
  2. Board Meeting Information
    Board Packets (agenda & minutes)
    Board Meeting Videos
  3. Public Records
    FOIA submission & FOIA Officer Contact Information (scroll to the top)
  4. Budgets
    Budget and Appropriations Ordinances
  5. Financial Audits
    Annual Audits
  6. Expenditures 
    Checkbook Register and Credit Card Receipts 
    Expenditure Summary
  7. Salary and Benefits
    Summary of Benefits for Twelve Years
  8. Contracts: Union, Private Contractors, Vendors
    The Library does not have employee contracts. We have a
    Personnel Manual that covers benefits and expectations.
  9. Lobbying: Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying Associations
  10. Taxes and Fees: Sales, Property, Income, and Miscellaneous Taxes, fees on residents & businesses
    Taxes & Fees
  11. Library Strategic Plan for 2017-2021
    Strategic Plan

IMRF Employer Cost and Participation Information

Public Act 101-0504 requires IMRF employers that have a website to include a link to this web page, no later than January 1, 2021. 
Click here to view.